Rope Arch, Estimated Completion: 2014

Artist: Bartek Konieczny

Rope Arch is an iconic gateway to the Gloucester Harbor Walk. Through scale, color and material language, this sculpture invites visitors into the Harbor Walk as well as connects with locals by drawing upon the unique character and community of Gloucester. In my design process I walked the site and explored the abundant visual and historical information along the Harbor Walk. I was struck by the vistas of the vast ocean, the commotion of the local industry, and the rich past of the City of Gloucester. Rope Arch, located at the downtown main traffic island, announces the Harbor Walk, invites visitors to wander underneath it, and encourages them to continue exploring Gloucester. This gateway is layered with visual references presented in a dynamic public art work that is conscientious of its surrounding: it harmonizes rather than competes with the site. The arches are formed by undulating rolling pipes mimicking the crest of a wave and rope tied between lobster traps. The color and larger than life knot are inspired by the materials and textures that are common to the docks, boats and waters of Gloucester harbor.