Serpentine Fence, Completed Summer 2010

Artist: Beth Galston  
Collaborator/Fabricator: Bartek Konieczny

I was approached by Beth Galston with a scale model of this fence and we worked closely together to develop the methods of fabrication and installation. The biggest question we had was "How will the chain link stretch in full scale? Will it look good?". "Looking good" was defined as volumetric and smooth. We made several full scale models as studies to understand the relationships of the radii on the top and bottom rail, and the change in pitch from post to post. We then came up with a set of rules to push the chain link, but to not deform it. My team and I rolled the curves, cut the pipes using a CNC pipe cutter, and welded all the parts together. Then I called all the able bodied men I knew to the site and pulled the chain link using brute force and determination.  The result was an iconic public art piece, that successfully appealed to a diverse demographic in a bustling Boston neighborhood.