Copper Entry Door, Completed 2013

Taking a concept and coaxing it into reality can be daunting. Hundreds of CNC cut and formed pieces of copper, multiple layers of patina and wax, custom self leveling mount system, custom CNC punch and dies, and a custom mortise lock are just some of the obstacles I faced. I thrive on such challenges, as they motivate me to become inventive.  

Numerous aspects of this entry door were new to me, but as with all my work, nothing was done outside of my shop. I had never seen a project of this kind and resources were scarce.  I had to invent and re-invent.  One example would be the curved egg and dart transom. In order to produce this we had to make custom punch and dies.  I drew the final form and the dies in CAD, programmed and cut them on our CNC mill, and used the dies to stamp the transom in parts using hydraulics.  I then assembled, sanded and patinated the parts to produce the final piece.