Wood Clad Patinated Steel Stair, Completed 2012

A phrase often used too lightly, "attention to detail" does in fact separate the ordinary from the special.  Critical to the design development process is deciding how things are constructed.  Early on in this project what interested me was the connection of the slim horizontal balusters to the posts.  The typical "weld it together" connection seemed to be an unrefined joinery technique for this modern stair.  Slotting the posts to hold the balusters was developed.  This is just one of hundreds of details that was worked out during the drawing phase. 

As a truly hand made object, no part of this project was done outside my shop. The drawing, engineering, programming, plasma cutting, CNC machining, finish work (hot patination), and installation were done by myself and a small team of assistants. This is how I can control the high quality of the work.  During this process, I also gain experience and understanding of different tools and techniques, allowing me to become more inventive.  The combination of a conceptual artistic approach, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to personally complete the work is the foundation of my reputation.